We get many questions about our brand Bovelacci and Italstyl as well as other product ranges that we have. We have provided this Frequently Asked Questions page to assist with most commonly asked questions we receive from clients about our Brand, Installation, Painting.


Bovelacci are world leaders in decorative mouldings, which are manufactured in Italy. Italstyl Cornice Range – High density extruded polystyrene mouldings. Ceiling Roses – Expanded polystyrene. Cornices are supplied in 2m lengths, packaged in cardboard boxes.
Indefinitely under normal conditions, even suitable in humid conditions such as bathrooms and similar applications.
Our mouldings are very strong and durable, they will not chip or break during normal handling. Cuts or dents can be filled with adhesive and lightly sanded (120 grit sandpaper).
No, very little, wastage factor at approximately 5%.
Our mouldings are very price competitive and you are purchasing a very superior product, there is no substitute for quality, Italian decoration at its best!


With a fine toothed saw or hacksaw, this will ensure a clean edge without damaging the product (see Installation Guide for further information).
Our mouldings are suitable for D.I.Y. application.
For professional installation, please contact our office for recommended fitters.
We recommend our special adhesive product, specifically designed for use with the Bovelacci mouldings, which is both an adhesive and a filler.
Adhesive sets within 10 – 20 minutes, will set and dry within 24 hours.
The adhesive can be used on most surfaces.
Cornice lengths are butt jointed, leave a 2-3mm gap filled with adhesive between the two cornice ends, this acts as an expansion joint and prevents cracking. Smooth off these filler joints with sandpaper (120 grit).

Per 5kg bucket 

  • Small profile             50 – 60m
  • Medium profile        40 – 50m
  • Large profile             25 – 40m

Per 310ml cartridge

  • Small profile             5 – 8m
  • Medium profile        4 – 6m
  • Large profile             2 – 4m

The above are guidelines only and depend on the finish of the walls and ceilings.


This is not advised, as the mouldings will yellow over time.
Water based or acrylic paints can be used, solvent free.


If you have any further questions or would like to place an order, call us to talk to one of our consultants or we will gladly set up an appointment to meet up with you.